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Affirmative Action
This one was recommended to me by my girlfriends nephew and in all honesty, not a big fan of all those superhero animation, but this mostly passes the mark. Most notably, even though the voice actors are diverse, the main characters certainly are not. Basically, the story revolves around three strong White males and one White female, there are no non-White main characters, diversity is kept to background characters and to criminal elements. In that sense it's certainly not highly offensive to any of us. This take on the Batman stories, is more focused on crime and mafia films, with a theme of revenge and losing ones sanity. Honestly I lose my immersion the moment a clown, midget, a human scarecrow and a creepy bald guy show up. But, well, I am not into superheroes. On that bald guy, who is called calenderman, I used to work with a guy who looked just like him, he had no eyebrows, but he was also tanned to a bizarre degree. He would always show everyone weird porn. I actually looked up a clip from the animation and showed them to my colleagues. He has the exact same mannerism. Very creepy.
Mar 17th 2023
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