The Plugged In Show, Episode 173: And the Oscar Goes To โ€ฆ (Plus Southern Gospel)

The Oscars are over. The winners have stuck their golden statuettes on their mantels or thrown them in their closets. The losers have blown their noses and dried their tears. And we at Plugged In still have plenty of thoughts to share.

Did Everything Everywhere All at Once really deserve every Oscar, too? What about all those shout-outs to Mom and Dad during the telecast? Did Lady Gagaโ€”she who just years before was wearing meat dresses to awards showsโ€”really perform without even a lick of makeup?

Weโ€™ll discuss all this and more on our podcast. And then weโ€™ll turn our attention to a new Christian movie that brings up some interesting questions about just how Christian movies should deal with problematic content.

And of course, we want to hear all about what you have to...

Contains Mention
Mar 16th 2023
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