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Affirmative Action
Good premise. Adam Driver and the little girl are good actors with solid chemistry. Lots of filler action and jump scares but they were entertaining. They gave enough background story and had lulls in the action to make you care about the characters and root for their success. However my two complaints are that 1.) the multiculti cast is pushed but I'm used to that and it's like Star Trek so I didn't really care. In fact, it's very humanist like Star Trek and by the end you are glad the dinosaurs got nuked by meteors. My main complaint, and the one that knocked the movie from a 4/5 stars to a 3/5 for me was the end when 2.) the little girl stabbed the t-rex in the eye and killed it. I was thinking about how sweet the father daughter type dynamic was and how it is something that we can universally appreciate even if we don't have kids of our own. The primal urge to protect the weaker sex, and weaker age. And all throughout the film the little girl was realistic and mainly a burden. Once or twice she helped out Adam Driver but in a realistic manner for a little girl. But all of that was soiled with the last fourth of the movie. Still overall glad I saw the movie and don't regret paying for it. Don't need to watch it ever again though. Not bad for a movie in theaters if you just want survival action.
Mar 15th 2023
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