Season 3
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Affirmative Action
I am reviewing season 3, because that was the season I decided to watch. What can be said about this classic show. Well in the first place, we have the misfortune they cast a black guy as the technical guy. As an character, he is not completely unbelievable, since Greg Morris does have an unusually large forehead for a negro. But it's still a pity. The show itself is great, I can understand why many think this is one of the best spy shows of the era. Gone is the British upper-class gentleman and his suave and aristocratic manners, in staid we get a team of specialists, who are mostly waging psychological warfare against their enemies. The creator Bruce Geller studied psychology and sociology apparently, so we get someone who understands the human mind, creating a show which revolves around tricks, illusions, human fears and playing the bad guys against each other. In nearly every episode we see actress Barbara Bain and actors Martin Landau and Peter Graves, putting on all kinds of mannerisms, customs, facemasks and subtle tricks, in order to lul their enemies into a sense of false security. Most likely, far more realistic then most spy series, though some episodes are unbelievable in some cases.
Mar 14th 2023
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