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Gf showed me a TikTok that summarized this short film in a robot voice. Right up my alley, just wish I had seen the short film without spoilers, but glad I found this gem regardless. It's not politically correct, it's sweet and creative. Plus it's relatable for many users of this site. Being redpilled is a lonely existence at times and the hardest pill to swallow is that 80% of people are retarded NPC's. And yet, I would never want to be part of the masses and am glad I know what I know. Even if I have to hide my power level and can't enjoy the things normies do. Free on YouTube:

( Also side note: I thought the director was Dutch because of the red light district and because they are more lax with what they can film. For example, they have undercover footage and don't blur people's faces. Or the real life South Park skit with little kids was Dutch iirc. But I googled and he is Flemish. Close enough. )
Mar 13th 2023
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