REVIEW: Scream VI (2023)

The erroneously titled Scream VI (no Sidney Prescott, no Scream) made it to theaters barely a year after its predecessor, the obnoxiously titled Scream (not to be confused with Scream; sometimes, I feel like they want us to hate them), striking while the iron is hot in capitalizing on an inexplicably well-received rejuvenation of the premier horror franchise of the 90s. As you can probably tell, I donโ€™t like it one bit, especially considering how hostile the last one was towards anyone who may hesitate to love it. However, Scream VI is better than the first entry in this new phase; itโ€™s not great and certainly nowhere near the level of any of the real Scream movies. But it has some inventive, well-directed horror sequences, and it capitalizes on the change of setting. Itโ€™s even got a...

Proper Review
Mar 10th 2023
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