Religious Biography
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Brilliant film about the religious biography of C.S. Lewis. Based on the autobiography of Lewis, the film uses a Lewis look-a-like to narrate the religious journey from a child in the English countryside to young man at Oxford. Starting with a brief introduction and ending with a touching monologue, the film is exceptionally written (taken from the words of the author himself) and compelling. Although the presentation was surprising to me at first, more narrative than documentary, it was very well done. This is how Christian movies should be done: high quality and intelligent. Lewis' words explain his motivations and feelings throughout his life and how he changes his perspective through experiences such as the death of his mother, the Great War, meeting various thinkers and philosophers (and eventual friend J.R.R. Tolkien), and finally attending church. I highly recommend the movie and will be lending it to neighbors and friends. Great film!
Mar 8th 2023
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