15 LGBTQ+ Reality Dating Shows & Where to Watch Them

We’re obsessed with these queer-inclusive dating shows!

Historically, LGBTQ+ dating shows have been absolutely iconic, chaotic, hilarious, and dramatic. Unfortunately, though, there haven't been that many of them over the years.

From chaotic bisexual dating shows in the 2000s to attempts of making queer versions of The Bachelor to ensemble reality competitions where LGBTQ+ cast members tried to find love, there have been quite a few "creative" attempts at putting together dating shows for queer people. Even though some of these shows or storylines weren't taken as seriously as their straight counterparts, LGBTQ+ people have been looking for representation wherever they can find it.

As of 2023, casting calls have been sent out from Real Housewives producers who are reportedly currently...

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Mar 7th 2023
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