Movie Monday: ‘Creed III’ Takes Box-Office Title

When Adonis Creed steps into the ring, we figure the boxer’s going to win. The question is how.

When it comes to his namesake movie, the answer is simple: by knockout.

Creed III, the directorial debut of its star, Michael B. Jordan, was a hit with critics and a haymaker for audiences. The latter showered the film with an estimated $58.7 million in North America, making this box-office bout a no-doubter.

Those raw numbers don’t tell the whole tale of this tape, though. Not only does that $58.7 million set an opening-weekend record for the Rocky/Creed franchise, Creed III just might have set an opening record for sports movies, period. (The 2010 remake of The Karate Kid is the official record-holder with $55.7 million, according to Gold Derby; if the estimates for Creed III...

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Mar 6th 2023
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