'Everyone called him a b*tch': Chris Rock finally goes OFF about Will Smith slapping the taste out of his mouth

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, the comedian FINALLY addressed the issue live on television. In his new special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, Rock went off on Will Smith's "selective outrage" about slapping the comedian for a joke, when the person he should really be mad at is his wife.

]In March 2022, Chris Rock made a joke about a movie at the Oscars that Will Smith found funny. The rub is that Will Smith's wife didn't find it funny, so Smith assaulted Rock on stage. Smith's wife found THAT funny, even though she is a "strong woman" who "didn't" want her husband to do that. The Grown-Ups were activated. Jokes were made. And four months later, Will Smith posted a lame-ass apology.

Chris Rock took the stage and went...

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Mar 5th 2023
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