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The Sopranos and Therapy

1/ The Sopranos is one of the thematically richest texts of the late American empire. "Tony I" would make a great Shakespeare play (but that's a different thread)

And one of its best themes is its merciless critique of Late American Therapy Culture

2/ The Sopranos has an amazing concept.

A Mob Boss, someone who's actions and motives are kept secret from even his wife and friends, goes to a therapist, who's job is to interrogate motives.

This is basically the Shakespearean monologue updated for TV.

3/ Except there are two Characters in this "monologue"...

Two people who's actions and motives need to be dissected... and Dr. Melfi certainly doesn't escape innocent and unscathed.

4/ Tony attends therapy...

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Mar 2nd 2023
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