Liam Neeson Drops the Action, Misses the Mark in ‘Marlowe’

Neil Jordan’s “Marlowe” stars Liam Neeson as Raymond Chandler’s iconic detective, whose latest case is a missing persons assignment in which a mysterious femme fatale (Diane Krueger) hires Marlowe to find her vanished lover.

Along the way, Marlowe encounters a slew of wealthy Hollywood power players, potential suspects, and red herrings. The case allows Marlowe to mingle with those who have found stardom in the film industry and others who never achieved fame and are struggling to justify their place in the industry.

There are a lot of things I liked about Neil Jordan’s “Marlowe,” but I also struggle to remember I even saw the film, which is also an indication of how effective it is.

Early on, someone notes how their conversation with Marlowe is “uninteresting,”...

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Feb 28th 2023
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