Movie Monday: ‘Ant-Man’ Wins Second Straight Weekend, ‘Jesus Revolution’ Overperforms

Marvel’s tiniest superheroes continue to make the biggest impression in theaters—but not as big as Marvel might have hoped. Meanwhile, some other, smaller films earned some attention, too.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania topped the weekend box-office tally for the second-straight frame, banking another $32 million. That boosted its North American gross to $167.3 million. Add in its overseas earnings, and Quantumania stands relatively tall at $363.6 million.

Or, at least it would … if it wasn’t a Marvel superhero film. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been like a cinematic ATM for its overlord Disney. But Quantumania’s sour reviews came with a 67% weekend-over-weekend drop, the steepest second-week dip in MCU history.

Have we reached the point of over-saturation in...

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Feb 27th 2023
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