Lauren Witzke Shares Her Experience Working On The Doc โ€œDied Suddenlyโ€ with Chrissie Mayr
00:02 "... producer for this died suddenly movie ..."
01:21 "... it at died suddenly dot info or ..."
03:08 "... who died suddenly older people but a lot ..."
22:33 "... should call it died suddenly again ..."

Lauren Witzke is a producer on the ground breaking and shocking documentary Died Suddenly. It is a film focused on some of the most unknown strange things happening to people that have been vaccinated. It is also being offered to be viewed for free so that people can in the very least question what is happening and why. We also learn... there is a sequel coming and hopefully we get answers to the shocking things shown in the first film. Have you seen the film? What were your thoughts? Have you experienced similar strange things happening to yourself or friends and family? Chrissie Mayr Podcast

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Feb 26th 2023
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