REVIEW: Cocaine Bear (2023)

Unlike the majority of movies and television discussed on this site, Universal Picturesโ€™ Cocaine Bear is an incredibly difficult movie to review. Cocaine Bear is not an intelligent movie. It is not well-acted, well-written, or well-done, and the script is utterly atrocious. But hot damn if it isnโ€™t a great steaming pile of fun. In the vein of all the best horror comedies, Cocaine Bear is utterly and entirely, without pretense, a turn-your-brain-off fun flick. The moment an audience member evaluates this movie with a critical eye, countless plot holes, insane decisions, and numerous flaws become evident. If you prefer a more intelligent entertainment experience, Cocaine Bear is definitely not the movie for you. If you and your buddies want to get wasted and watch a fun and insane movie together,...

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Feb 25th 2023
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