‘Creed III’ Proves There’s Life After Rocky

The “Creed” franchise survived its Rocky-ectomy.

The saga, now three pictures deep, originally spun from the Rocky Balboa franchise with impressive results. Still, losing Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character could have been the spinoff’s death knell.

Instead, the first film without the aging hero holds its own, and then some. Some story hiccups threaten to KO the threequel, but sterling performances across the board and strong bonds between Creed family members make “Creed III” a satisfying chapter.

We revisit Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan, making his directorial debut) wrapping up his illustrious career. He’s freshly retired and eager to spend time with his precocious daughter, Amara, (certified scene stealer Mila Davis-Kent) and his bride (“Thor: Love and Thunder’s”...

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Feb 24th 2023
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