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Overall not too biased except for the end. They don't talk about who he killed at all. Joseph Galfy is a creepy f**got who probably did date rape him. They target street kids because they are easy targets. I didn't bother to verify the court papers but this link says there are countless things that were corrupt about his hearing. I think Kai is a bit crazy and street life hardens you. And I think many street kids have substance abuse problems and black out a lot and live in denial. I used to hitchhike and I saw the lifers. Some of them would be gay for pay to creepy old guys like Joseph Galfy. So maybe Kai was in denial about being date raped and when he woke up the second time during the act he couldn't restrain his rage. (The documentary alleges that he left and came back. Once he woke up with jizz on his face. The second time he woke up during the act.) The cops said you can't murder someone for raping you. However the "gcadvocate" site says New Jersey permits murder in self defense of rape. Idk.


If anyone has court documents or other verifiable sources lemme know.

Also worth noting, in Kai's original interview he mentions how the driver was a pedo who did Lolita Express shenanigans in the Virgin Islands.
(0:30 mark)

Feb 21st 2023
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