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Combat, side questing, unlocking the ability to fly, capture beasts and gathering collectables get extremely repetitive, especially after getting about half way through the main storyline. After you have done enough combat encounters and learned about half the spells you'll be able to cheese combat till the end of the game. In the main story, your character is a special lad with a special purpose, who gets to fight hordes of forgettable enemies. I was very disappointed in the lack of influence player choice has on Hogwarts and the characters you interact with. Your sorted into a House, and that's about it, in fact most of the decision you'll make if you play this game are entirely cosmetics and don't dynamicly influence anything around you. You can learn unforgivable curses and use them on any enemies you like, in the presence of your friends and professors and they'll say " oh my, you know something about the dark arts!" I guess it makes some since because your blowing waves people and goblins to bits from start to finish. There is a frequency of wokness receivable while running around doing wand waving: Tranny barmaid who give you a vague stupid side quest, lots of rando affirmative action brown bodies for professors/students and an openly married lesbian couple in late 1800s England.

Feb 21st 2023
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