Aesthetic and musical
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An early attempt of an Imaxx type visual documentary, beautifully shot, certainly not outdated, with a common theme being the passage of time and the past, this visual documentary with a great ambient soundtrack, takes us through ancient ruins, castles, statues, through modern city-scapes and beautiful scenes of nature. Most of these scenes are shot across several hours, we see clouds moving, cars race past and trees twitch in the wind, equally the aerial scenes are also great, the soundtrack adds a lot of depth to the film and allows you to more easily focus, or zone out and enjoy the ride. This is the kind of work you will only enjoy, if you are the kind of person who will easily relax and take in the sights easily, if not you will most likely grow bored very quickly. Another bonus is that unlike Fricke's other work, this is politically neutral.
Feb 21st 2023
This review was posted from the Netherlands or from a VPN in the Netherlands.
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