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Watched this film after I saw someone mention it on 4chan, its a fairly mediocre example of a horror film that seems to combine some dramatic character development, with boring and bland horror scenes. It's neither high on gore, nor is it genuinely creepy. The film has fairly low diversity for a modern production, but we still get the brilliant female scientist, the coloured assistant, the assh**e Asiatic boss, etc Also, since its equally parts drama and horror, I expected the android to have some motivation, but it just turned evil, for no reason. I was actually expecting that the android somehow imprinted on the character traits of the little girl, or perhaps the female scientist, the anger of having lost her parents, or perhaps some past traumatic event, etc which would have been ironic in a sense, but this explanation was never given. Equally a subplot where the code used to create the android was taken from the military, or someone used it to play videogames, etc or something along that line would have build up its violent tendencies. Had the film taken any of these routes, it might have turned out better, but they didn't.
Feb 20th 2023
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