‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ Review

A portion of Film Twitter was atwitter the other day because a brave individual logged on to inform all the haters that superhero movies are Good, Actually. Indeed, beyond being Good, Actually, the “superhero movie” is so good that it isn’t even definable. It transcends mere genre. The superhero movie is cinema itself, a restatement of archetypal notions of good and evil.

In this telling, the superhero movie isn’t a cinematic boot stamping on the human face, forever: It is the human face, in all its complexity, in all its glory.

Perhaps. But would it be too much to ask the superhero movie to make it look as though its heroes are actually, you know, walking in a real place and throwing real punches and stomping on real human faces?

This is just one of the thoughts that strolled...

Proper Review
Feb 17th 2023
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