Actually the worst movie ive ever seen
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This may in fact be the worst movie I've ever seen. So much worse than Happiness. Just somehow worse in every way. Worse actors, worse cinematography. The actors themselves weren't bad. This time I recognised a few of them, and some of them are quite good, actually, but totally wasted with this script and directing. It didn't have any funny moments at all, whereas the first one at least had a few that made me shriek, more out of shock than anything else. Even visually it was less interesting to watch. And had even less of a plot. Is it just that it was shot on a smaller budget? Or what? It almost felt like some kind of indie film project. Just so much less polished and somehow less professional feeling than the first one. Whatever subtlety, humour, even, dare I say, happiness, the first script had is absent from this one. Even slower, even weirder, even more bleak and hopeless. And even more old people f**king! So many gross flabby old lady tits. Bleh. Also I like Handel. How dare this Jew defile my beautiful White music. On that note, Jewery was front and centre in this one, but in a way that made me think the director (clearly not politically correct) might be a bit of a self-critical Jew? But all the themes about war, Jewishness, terrorism, patriotism, America, Israel, anomie, pedophilia, sexuality, marriage, family, money, carreer, depression, suicide, etc., etc. were just flailed at in the most ungraceful way possible, but nothing compelling or even coherent was done with them. Just empty gestures.
Feb 17th 2023
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