Pretty badass, cashgrab done right
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The creators have a genuine love for the original work its based on and it shows. Unlike Ryan Johnson or the Velma creators or the countless other reboots that sh*t on the original and its fans, Kobra Kai is a big circle jerk. Which, if youโ€™re going to make a cashgrab, is how it should be. Nothing is woke about it, they just joke about generational differences in a lighthearted way. However the diversity and lesbian stuff can be a bit much at times. If you go in with expectations for a cheeseball Disney Channel show combined with a Spanish Soap Opera and dip it in Kung Fu then you will enjoy it. It makes me want to watch the original sequels since most of us only know the first Karate Kid and the Will Smith reboot. ย  ย 
Feb 17th 2023
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