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I wil try not to review this with heavy nostalgia glasses on, but after watching a boatload of racist Dagoth Ur spoofs on YouTube, this will be very difficult. I did replay this game a while back, enjoyed it for a while and then forgot all about it. Though very innovative when it first came out, the combat is based on old roll of the dice paper RPG's, which modern audiences find annoying, but I still find charming, but what can't really be forgiven are the the bad journal and the unclear quest objectives and the constant traveling on foot, from one destination to another. What people remember about this game, are the atmosphere, the soundtrack and the not so generic fantasy setting, tied in into an open world, this can also be hit and miss, you will spend a large amount of your time traveling through barren ashlands, but then again end up in a mushroom jungle or some underground city. So, this game doesn't life up to the hype, but with the combination of mods and an overall solid gaming experience, this game will continue to find an audience. It certainly pulled me back in several years ago when I replayed it.

Feb 11th 2023
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