Phantom of the Paradise, 1974 - ★★½

Want to really thank my buddy jam for giving me the push I needed to finally see this one! Though my rating isn't high, I did enjoy the music (and Jessica Harper). 

A warped, modernized take on The Phantom of the Opera, De Palma's film exudes manic energy--a free flowing stream of classic rock beats that decorate a schizophrenic story. You immediately know what kind of time you're in for from the opening number, brightly lit neon lights, a 50s rock song with pompadours, a POV from the villain, followed by a piano ballad sung by some nerd with glasses. The film does keep you on your feet, as to what gets set-up as a tale of redemption manifests into a total transfiguration and transformation tale. Jessica Harper can sure belt out a tune (what a cute little dance too!), and Paul Williams...

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Feb 9th 2023
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