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3.5 Stars Overall 4.0 Stars (Seasons 1 & 2) The first 2 seasons are a good, I think I watched every single episode of each. The next 4 are drawn out and repetitive. I ended up watching the higher rated episodes on IMDB and began to skip episodes with a description that was too much like a previous episode once I saw a pattern of over done themes and repetitive character arcs, that go nowhere. Episodes containing dream sequences are some of the best of the show. There is a lot of padding and weak characters created to push plots and subplots forward in the 3rd through 6 seasons. Sopranos has a theme about decline and change in America, which is better integrated in the first 2 seasons, when that theme is quiet and understated. The subtexts and interpersonal character tensions become too loud and over-worked in the last few seasons.
Feb 8th 2023
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