THE WINGFEATHER SAGA: Chapter 2 and 3: “A Mysterious Map” and “The Catacombs Below”

"Uplifting Family, Christian Values"Content: +1 Moderately questionable elements. (Discernment required for young children.)

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What You Need To Know:In THE WINGFEATHER SAGA, Chapter 2 and 3, on, the Igiby family lays low from their reptilian overlords, the Fang. Tink, the adventurous middle child, stumbles upon a hidden treasure map. Janner, the eldest son, cautions his brother to hold off the treasure hunt. However, in the third chapter, “The Catacombs Below,” Janner receives terrible news. The Fang soldiers are kidnapping children all over town, and his siblings are next. With no other option, the three children embark on a quest into the woods to find a way to defeat their Fang overlords. They soon discover...

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Feb 8th 2023
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