'The Last of Us' TV Show Perfectly Recreated the Game's Gay Adult Mag

We suddenly all want to read a copy of Bearskin.

Episode four of HBO’s The Last of Us featured Ellie (Bella Ramsey) reading a physical copy of Bearskin – a gay adult magazine that had been spotted in the videogame series. Everything about it was faithfully recreated for the TV show: from the name to the cover star to the headlines.

On the magazine, viewers could see the Bearskin slogan, “the men of the den,” as well as its semi-naked cover star, Ace Von Champ. “Can we keep him?” is written below his name.

Other splashy headlines from the cover of Bearskin include “College hotties,” “Ultimate girls’ night out,” “Sweets’ treats,” and “Vote!” There’s also an official website for the publication at the bottom of the cover, but that domain is not an active...

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Feb 7th 2023
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