WATCH: Woke Disney+ Reboot Features Song About Reparations and Slavery, Promotes Abraham Lincoln Conspiracy

When I was a kid, cartoons consisted of silly, childish predicaments followed by wholesome life lessons designed to help kids learn and mature. Now, they're literally telling kids that Abraham Lincoln didn't free the slaves and that African Americans need reparations. Oh.

Any parents out there who still allow their kids to watch Disney unsupervised, you might wanna listen up. A new episode of the Disney+ show 'Proud Family' featured a song about reparations and explained how "slaves built this country."

\u201cThis is a scene from a Disney+ kids cartoon called The Proud Family

Blatant anti-white propaganda\u201d

— End Wokeness (@End Wokeness) 1675571348 Some of the lyrics include, "We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering....

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Feb 6th 2023
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