Italian Western Gem
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Cowboys, Mormons, Beans and Brawls are omnipresent in this gem of Italian western cinema.  Dirty, light hearted, playfully violent and entertaining from beginning to end. Italian Westerns never cease to amaze in their raw, and often very accurate portrayal of life in the American west. Enzo Barboni brings us a elegant yet straight forward picture that is so typical of Italian film making. (And thats a compliment) This film stars Europe's favorite action comedy duo of the 70's -  Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, Terence Hill plays a vagabond wanderer and Bud Spencer - a new "sheriff" of a town plagued by thugs, controlled by miserly merchant and horse rancher who happens to have an extreme hatred for Mormon settlers... This picture sports plenty of brawls, shooting, and fantastic physical stunts from both of the testostrone filled protagonists. The fight scenes are rarely graphic and while violent, are never gorey. The religious settlers - while portrayed as somewhat cult like, are shown in a sympathetic light, as good, upstanding people in contrast to the rough characters around them. In typical form for a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill picture, there are some wonderful ethnic depictions and this film displays some delightful mexican portrayals (by southern italians or spanish actors most likely) which in the modern day would be regarded as stereotypes but in truth are more accurate to the old west than any neutered depiction of a mexican you would see today. The comedy is physical in nature and quite timeless, it doesnt feel too dated nor out of style, While the characters themselves may be dirty, the humor isn't, and had this critic chuckling quite a few times. Over all - This picture is a wonderful example of italian cinema, cool yet unserious, beautiful yet unpretentious, this is a great pick.  Its worth buying a bluray of it, if you can find it, it's a nice piece for the Western or Italian movie collector.  
Feb 6th 2023
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