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I had never seen any of the Indiana Jones, so we sat down and watched them. Raiders of the Lost Ark was a fun movie. The jokes and slap stick comedy made me chuckle and the acting wasn't the worst. It was surprisingly gory though, with people being shot, burned alive, bloodied up, and of course the infamous scene where the Nazi's melt. I wouldn't recommend it for small children. As for the Nazi stuff, the movie didn't mention anything about Jewish people. They were just non-descript bad guys, much like the Russians in today's movies. I have to imagine if Nazi's are mentioned in the 2023 movie, they'll lean heavy into the Holocaust and Jews, etc.  All that to say, the Nazi's being the bad guys didn't detract from the story, they could've been swapped out with any other 'bad guy.' Indiana is also a male character, meaning he acts like a man. What a strange thing to see in a movie. He saves the woman countless times and is overall a good person. Much like James Bond, but with many more flaws, which gives the movie more 'real' feeling tension. Not sure how many people haven't seen this movie already, but it was entertaining and worth a watch if it's free to you.  The pacing was good, you're not too bored throughout, and the plot assumes that God and the bible are real based on the ending. Don't find that too often anymore.
Feb 5th 2023
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