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Guillermo Del Taco's Cabinet of Curiosities is what is known as an "Anthology series" - I am what is known as an "Enjoyer of Anthologies". When I picked this up on Halloween in 2022, Id say I was optimistic. Cabinet of Curiosities starts promising enough, with an introduction by Del Toro himself, waddling into frame, obese, to say the least - like Orson Wells if Taco Bell was around in his day. Almost wheezing by the time he made it on camera - An introduction suitable of other Anthology series such as 1970's Ghost Story, or Circle of Fear, both under-rated mid-century classics of horror anthology television - Del Toro's introduction much similar to Winston Essex who, much like Del Toro himself, was a couple staircases away for a heart attack.  Ghost Story, and Circle of Fear I do recommend as amusing Horror Anthologies. Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities? I do not.   My optimism for Cabinet of Curiosities ended the moment the Xenophobe caricature was eaten by a nazi demon, Like most on this website, I would have ended it there. But I gave this program a college try; My second excursion into this horror program rendered one of the most annoying, most lazy and insulting "adaptations" of a Lovecraft tale, I might have ever seen. In this episode, there is a BLACK Russian Orthodox priest, To this date one of the most idiotic shoehorned roles i've seen, and one unmatched in its uselessness. Despite the tired casting Cabinet of Curiosities sports impressive practical effects from time to time, but they are few and far between. In some scenes the visuals are quite eerie, and innovative, in the majority they are stale, and unimpressive. The costumes may impress your girlfriend, but behind the expensive sets and wardrobe you have very little that jumps out at you - in terms of worthwhile entertainment. The writing is typical Netflix tripe - that is to say its not very intelligent, likely written by women. In fact, I would have to guess Del Toro barely put any effort into this project aside from introducing the episodes. Over all, Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities is a disappointing romp written by the usual suspects at Netflix with Del Toro's hollow stamp of approval. I hope he enjoys the money Netflix provided him for this picture, because the check is at the cost of his reputation as a film maker.
Feb 4th 2023
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