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Apparently it’s a remake of a British show. The British show has a black husband and the American has an Indian husband. I’m not too uptight about the forced diversity or interracial couples in everything nowadays. I can usually ignore it or accept it if it feels fitting. Aziz Ansari has a boyish look and in his tv series I don’t remember them being too sweet and cuddly. Very minimal PDA. But then again he was simping for a girl. The USA Ghosts show was too much bad acting, too much PDA, and a disgusting hairy sunken eyed goblin of a husband. I couldn’t get more than 15 minutes into the pilot. It’s a good premise but it was very cheesy and goofy acting so even if it was a white couple or a cute aziz ansari guy I’d likely not enjoy it.
Feb 4th 2023
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