Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Christian Movies (2023)

We’re wrapping up our blog series for our Plugged In Movie Awards today, and we land with a bang. We’re talking about 2022’s best Christian movies. In our estimation, this year’s nominees are as varied a crop as we’ve seen. We’ve got comedy, history, drama—and nary a sports flick to be seen.

Normally, we’d not need to toss in too many cautionary comments here. After all, how problematic can Christian movies be? But this year might be an exception. Be sure to check out our reviews to make sure that a movie you’re considering is right for you and your family.

And once you’ve read (and heard on last week’s podcast) what we have to say, we invite you to vote for your own choices. You can log a vote in the comments section below. You can vote on Facebook and...

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Feb 2nd 2023
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