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Very interesting documentary. Though this deals with the u.f.o community, its main methods can be applied to almost any form of information. Basically it describes how the government would suggest alternative interpretations to advanced weapons and aerial technology being tested, create false documents and create the modern u.f.o. mythos. That u.f.o.'s are a cover for secret and experimental military vehicles, is so common sense any smart person would figure that out. But for the viewers this gives a glimpse into a disinformation campaign, that required very little time and effort, because the majority of the people involved where already low-level schizophrenics. No doubt something similar is going on with anything from the covid hysteria, global warming, the formation of far-right groups with wacky believes, or the dozens of actors on the right pushing their in-organic agenda. The documentary itself is decent, usually when you have this style where you interview a lot of people the information gets repetitive and somewhat boring after a while.
Jan 29th 2023
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