Bullet Train to Babylon

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I am reviewing two films together because they donโ€™t merit stand-alone reviews, but I want to say something about them anyway. It is just a coincidence that they both star Brad Pitt.

First, the good news. If you like Guy Ritchieโ€™s comic crime capers like Snatch or Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrelsย or The Gentlemen, you will love David Leitchโ€™s Bullet Train.

Guy Ritchie basically took Quentin Tarantinoโ€™s formula of eccentric, wise-cracking criminals, non-linear narratives, and blood and guts, then purged it of all auteur pretensions. In other words, he sped it up. Tarantino also depicts non-whites as extremely cool, whereas Ritchie makes them figures of fun. Finally, Ritchie heightens Tarantinoโ€™s dark comic aspects to the point of hilarity. Then, after getting...

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Jan 27th 2023
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