REVIEW: Tรกr (2022)

Tรกr is not a film that is easily analyzed or critiqued, as it does not ebb and flow with the customary arcs and crescendos of mainstream storytelling. The beautifully chaotic and rousing orchestral soundtrack seems diametrically opposed to the slow build and gradual edification that defines the story. Instead of adhering to the patterns of the average narrative, Tรกr forges its own path, choosing to reflect the emotional strain of its lead with a tense yet steady momentum, culminating in an unexpected yet gratifying conclusion. Tรกr is a character study in the simplest of terms, depicted in countless increasingly unorthodox ways. Its flaws are few, and its beauty is apparent.

Every layer of this film is carefully cultivated and refined to the smallest detail, mirroring the precision the...

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Jan 28th 2023
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