Childhood memories
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I found this one in a playlist of short films on YouTube and memories came flooding back, when I was a child my mother took me to a small videostore in Rotterdam, where I wanted to get Jurassic Park and other dinosaur films, several of the films the guy sold may have been bootlegs, I am not sure. Anyway, one of the VHS tapes had this short stop-motion animation of a t-rex, stalking a triceratops, it was well done, suspenseful, beautifully designed and made me fall in love with it. Somehow I remember the soundtrack being sadder and more Brahmsy, perhaps there was another version? Anyway, I also remember getting a cartoon of people riding dinosaurs with lasers and some oldy about a dinosaur and a caveman defrosting and coming to life. I don't want to revisit these.
Jan 19th 2023
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