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Dear God in heaven, this must be one of the most boring flops in film history, Just Imagine is basically an utopian scifi musical comedy, it tries to show the world of tomorrow (add echo), but it fails in such a spectacular fashion, that its no wonder this film is mostly forgotten. I am actually typing this while the boys are on to Mars, my attention is almost completely gone. What is wrong with this film, so much, overall bad wooden acting, unlikable characters, stale romance, music routines that are just bad, special effects that in the end don't redeem this film, unfunny comedy routines, weird futuristic social norms that aren't really explained in debt, a Swedish comedian I would kill if he hadn't died decades ago, an annoying chubby slut and it's fair to long, at the end it suddenly goes Flash Gordon, even that is boring. Did the world of the future predict the 80's or our own time? Neh, not really. We dont have giant art-deco cities, fly around in aeroplanes, we dont have eugenics programmes, we are not named after numbers, all people got in the 1980's was a lot of social disintegration, more highways, more black crime and lots of aids. Just don't watch it, its not worth it, the retrofuturism does not redeem it and it has almost zero deep political commentary.
Jan 19th 2023
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