Good enough for fans of the first 2
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Affirmative Action
I keep enjoying these enough to want to watch the next one. The old lady being a strong female character is enjoyable because she's got that grandma energy. Wholesome and not c*nty. There's not enough character development for the new family involved, so you don't really care about them. But there's enough red meat for the fans in terms of prequel foreshadowing/throwbacks of the main cast that it balances out. Also the "lesbian" tag is a false positive. Some guys are teasing the main character and her female friend saying "les be frens" as a joke. They might be lesbian but it's never talked about or admitted in the script. The only thing somewhat woke is the Hispanic family and friends they added to make it more diverse. Overall enjoyed it and want to watch the next one.
Jan 19th 2023
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