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What can I say about this film? A lot of bad acting, unconvincing scenes, Germans speaking English, some interesting philosophical ideas executed in a mediocre manner, trite and overdone cliches about free love and drug use, some interesting psychedelic imagery, Goethe as a little aids-goblin. As a film depicting ideas it is decent, it is somewhat relevant to people on the right, because at least 2/3's of them should learn to enjoy life more and life it to the fullest. The story of an aging intellectual who in his desperation turns towards a more social, libertine lifestyle is somewhat relatable. But now that its over, I feel like I just spend almost 2 hours trying to unclog my toilet, I am happy the dam thing is running again, but the experience wasn't the most pleasant and there are wet pieces of toiletpaper everywhere.
Jan 18th 2023
This review was posted from the Netherlands or from a VPN in the Netherlands.
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