The LGBTQ Pedo Connection
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A skewed and flawed documentary consisting of interviews with pedophilic activists. A couple of the interviews unintentionally show how delusional and twisted the thinking and fantasies of the advocates is. One segment has the NAMBLA activists marching with a gay rights march in DC, some of the gay rights marchers are filmed giving condemnations of NAMBLA, but no one in the march is opposed enough to push them out. There is a bit in the documentary that presents the ancient Greeks as pedophilic boy lovers who engaged in sodomy with their apprentices. RW Twitter and YouTube still house disagreements and debates about this topic, with some people advocating the distancing from Greek thought and philosophy because they see them as gay pedos and others arguing that pederasty was not normalized as sexual in ancient Greece. Chickenhawk:

Debating Joseph Bronski on Greek Homosexuality:

Jan 18th 2023
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