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I went to this film with the express purpose of watching something, surreal, bizarre, unwatchable, etc but I mostly got the opposite, though I do understand why some people would not understand this film, since its not linear. It's a romantic drama that seems to be happening in someone's head, within a dreamy and surreal baroque hotel. The plot is simple, essentially we get a close look at someone's imagination, how much is imagined and how much is real isn't certain, though I expect only the scenes where the "lovers" exchange glances are potentially real. The man in question both tries to convince the woman they have met before and keeps changing scenes, adding details, removing them, sometimes she wants it, sometimes she doesn't, one time her husbands shoots her. The references of time suggest this is a fantasy he keeps repeating for years on end. A film of this type naturally has loads and loads of atmosphere, the location looks like Versailles, but is Nymphenburg, we get plenty of shots of the interior, classical statues, baroque mantel pieces, long dreary shots of the surrounding, a soundtrack of dreary organ music. For people going to watch it, keep in mind, you have to lose yourself in this film and understand you are watching the imagination of an introverted hopeless romantic, who became infatuated with a woman he barely knows, or who possibly only exists in him imagination.
Jan 18th 2023
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