Being Deaf is Awesome
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There really wasn't too much of an agenda with this film. Although the main character is a Paki (where in his personal life he cries incessantly about Muslims being underrepresented in media (I imagine Muslims are equally represented in Muslim nation's media...seems to be a strange thing to complain about in the UK)),ย  there was no mention of his race in the film. It solely focuses on a drummer losing his hearing and how he comes to terms with it. The movie touches on the deaf community and the often debated subject on whether or not being deaf is a disability or a gift. This debate can be broadened to any type of community and I think is more of a question of what you would be willing to give up to become an accepted, productive, safe member of a community. Would you give up modern technology to be in a homogenous society? Would you give up cheap avocados to live in a safe neighborhood? The main character ends up in a community home of deaf people, with no TV and cell phones and ends up enjoying it. It had some communism vibes, but its made known that a church pays for the home, shining a positive light on Christianity.ย  The main character also gets a cochlear implant and can 'hear' again. The caveat is that its distorted and doesn't fix any of hisย  life's problems, causing him to pull it out and be deaf again. It reminds me of the West forcing our technology, media, democracy, etc. on more 'simple' cultures and countries. When in reality, they might be happy being "deaf." The actor does really well and is generally a believable, angry, metal head ex-junky (besides him being ripped while living in an RV). As far as the movie itself, it had the indie 'day in the life' feel to it. Crude camera work, artsy depictions of what its like to be deaf, and abnormal pacing. If that stuff doesn't bother you, its worth a watch (it was a net positive in my opinion).
Jan 17th 2023
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