A Rotund Rigmarole
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This film shows the audience a week in the life of Charlie, an online university English teacher. The camera basically never leaves the premises of his apartment, which he confines himself in due to his shut in obese gay guy lifestyle. The lighting in the apartment is done pretty well, but the camera work is stiff and not very dynamic; lots of shots of people's faces and cuts during conversations between characters. All the characters are kind of bland and circular in their reasoning and beliefs. A synthetic feeling saturates this story, every interaction is predictable and leads to some sort of vague aphorism about people being amazing, a reference to Moby Dick or skeptical take on, or a deconstruction of, Christian Evangelism. Charlie repeatedly talks about how he values is honestly, but lies to everyone around him. All he or anyone in this film want is to gratify their personal desire of feeling like they've done something good with THEIR life, because putting anything like faith or family before their desire would be dishonest. When Charlie watches the news, it shows the 2016 presidential campaign. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are mentioned. It is implied that this film takes place in 2016.
Jan 15th 2023
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