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While being stressed and drinking lightly, I decided to watch another Hal Harley film, I both like and slightly detest the man, watching any of his films is like entering a world where Sonic Youth is a mainstream pop-act.ย  All his characters act in a slightly bizarre, neurotic and detached intellectual manner, this film is no different. Featuring two French actresses with their distant, detached and romantic eyes, who compared to the more logical and focused Anglo's eyes are very alien in the New York landscape, we basically get a very long-winded romance-crime comedy with dark comedic overtones. The main character is a criminal pornographer, who after losing his memory becomes a mellow, slightly decent guy, he is helped by a a-hedonistic porn-obsessed former nun, while his wife a porn-actress trying to redeem herself is floating around somewhere in the background. After a while the complete autism of this film gets boring and there is very little ofย  a rap-up to the whole story, anyway the film is overall very White and like most of his films the female characters are vulnerable, which is always appreciated. On a last note, someone is being gunned down in a fairly realistic matter, with bullets being shot at him, while he slowly walks away in a dazed and shocked manner. That I found satisfying.
Jan 14th 2023
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