Cautionary Adderall Tale
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Or inspirational one I guess. In real life Adderall doesn't make you smarter just tweaked out. However the come downs aren't anything like the ones in "Limitless." The film's drug has heroin like come downs and the way he would sneak away to the bathroom was like a "Wolf of Wallstreet" coke fiend. "Limitless" is mainly agnostic in its messaging. Unlike the typical anti-drug PSAs like "Requiem For A Dream" it doesn't try to focus on the dread of addiction too much. It's more of a plot device in a fictional world. And although there's some cool visuals that really depict the high accurately, they don't overdo it like "Enter The Void." In other words, for a movie about drugs, it's not a drug movie. There's no takeaway that I'm aware of. It seems like they just got the idea from Adderall and created a fun action movie out of it. Did some googling and the film is based on a book that may or may not be based on Adderall. Not sure. And it seems like more of a dystopian "Brave New World" novel. Not interested enough to research further and it doesn't matter because Hollywood insisting on happy endings would nullify that in the script. Although, the last scene shows how Bradley Cooper got off of it so he couldn't be exploited. It's just that his brain is permanently improved because of it. It's like people who use steroids for a cycle or two then stop. Then claim natty. Bottom line: good movie with no agenda. If you do Adderall IRL you will just clean your room and do monotonous activities with joy. And unlike the movie you won't see big picture connections but lose the forest for the trees and spend hours making really beautiful Excel sheets.
Jan 14th 2023
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