‘A Man Called Otto’ Review

A Man Called Otto feels like a recognizable type of entertainment, one in which a conservative-coded gruff local who speaks plain truths and has grown estranged from its community as newcomers have changed it and technology has rendered him obsolete (but not as obsolete as everyone thinks) finds a new place in his diverse neighborhood as the progressive-coded neighbors realize his grit and gumption adds something to their lives as well.

Call it the Gran Torino Effect, or the As Good as It Gets Effect, or even the Archie Bunker Effect, A Man Called Otto falls squarely into this category. A widower who opens the movie railing against a poor cashier whose register only allows him to ring up rope by yards rather than feet, Otto (Tom Hanks) is at the end of his. Forcibly retired by the company...

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Jan 13th 2023
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