Romeo's Blue Sky
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This 32 episode anime is based off a 1940s Swiss novel The Black Brothers which follows the life of a young Swiss boy who signs himself into indentured servitude as a chimney sweep in Milan to financially assist his family living in a village near the Swiss Alps. The show heavily relies on the viewer getting emotionally attached and sympathetic to the characters and their aspirations and challenges. It is one of those anime in which someone is crying every other episode, which I usually don't like, but the idealistic and hopeful characters in a non-fiction setting, got to me hooked. The plot depicts principles like fraternity, bravery, honesty and trust in a very natural way without over empathizing any one for too long. The story is saturated with Christian belief and the faith of the characters since this is set in mid 19th century Switzerland and Italy. The musical score is fantastic and enhances the emotional content of the show very well. Certain aspects of reality are smoothed over to make the action and perils that the children face more manageable and keep the idealistic mood and tone going, but I found them generally forgivable.
Jan 11th 2023
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