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A great little romantic-drama, this film is pre-hays code, so unlike some latter films it certainly isn't politically correct, on several accounts, though equally it steps somewhat into early woke territory. Basically a prostitute played by Marlene Dietrich boards a train that carries her former lover and a menagerie of quirky characters, to their misfortune its revolutionary China and the end up having to deal with a sociopathic Hapa. Dietrich is the ideal actress to play a prostitute, because that's basically what she is, from the crabbed way she walks, so the barely hidden smirk of superiority, the joyless eyes and the evasive attitude, she basically plays herself. The film ends sour with her being redeemed, a horrible trope in films and in books. The film depicts the Chinese accurate as being backwards, cruel, a place where time or human life have no value, to quote one of the actors, the commander of the revolutionary army rapes a woman, though this is implied, he wants nothing better then to have a White woman as his concubine, he brands one of the passengers who is a sick invalid, because he was rude to him, he wants to poke out the eyes of another. etc.
Jan 10th 2023
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